When Do People Hire a Criminal Attorney in Tulsa Okla?

States like Oklahoma have high incarceration rates to discourage criminal behavior. Those who are facing charges are going to want to make sure they work with a lawyer to create a defense against the charges and have a chance at avoiding a conviction. A person can hire a lawyer before the arrest or after the arrest to get the help they need.

Before an Arrest

Most of the time, a person is arrested when they are pulled over or stopped by the police. However, there are situations when a person will know ahead of time that they’re a suspect in a crime. This is commonly seen in blue-collar crimes like fraud or in crimes like murder where the person is known to be a suspect before they’re arrested.

In these situations, hiring a lawyer before their arrest can help the person to ensure their rights are upheld. It enables them to have a lawyer as soon as the arrest occurs so the person does not say anything before or during the arrest that could be self-incriminating. It also enables the lawyer to start working on the case before the arrest to try to start creating a defense to possible charges.

After an Arrest

A person who is arrested without prior warning will hire a lawyer after their arrest. It’s a good idea to hire a lawyer as quickly as possible to ensure the lawyer can do as much as possible to help and will have as much time as possible to work on a defense.

The person should avoid speaking about the situation during the arrest and should ask to speak with a lawyer before answering any questions after the arrest. The arrested person can then go ahead and hire a lawyer to help with answering questions and dealing with the charges.

If you have been arrested or you believe you are a suspect in a crime and could be arrested in the near future, go ahead and contact a lawyer today. It’s really never too early for a criminal attorney in Tulsa Okla to start looking into your situation and to give you the advice and help you need to get a better outcome.

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