Interesting Night Activities in Jakarta

  1. Trying Street Food
    Night time is the right time to eat street food. Food vendors and stalls lined up on the side of the road. You’ll find a lot of traditional food or popular road food that are very neighborhood in Indonesia. Immerse with the people and the culture. Have a taste of Indonesian food. You won’t have to spend a ton of cash because almost all of them are quite inexpensive but will nevertheless make your stomach complete. Increase your information with reading Famous Indonesian Street Food List, like Street Food in Night Activities in jakarta with Authentic Taste, Street Food in Bali, and Street Food at Bandung You Must Try

  2. Eating Out at Restaurants
    If you want something more sophisticated then eat out at a restaurant. Jakarta has a huge options of restaurants for you to go too. You don’t even have to eat food that originated from Indonesia. There are food that come from Thailand, Vietnam or Japan sold by the restaurants. It’s an superb chance to widen your cultural knowledge through food in Jakarta. Another option is to eat at other crap food restaurants in which they may offer cheaper food and faster service.
  3. Rooftop Views
    Huge and tall skyscrapers are built in Jakarta. They fill the sky line of the busy town. Enjoy the view of the town during the night by coming to one of the skyscrapers. Some offer pubs and restaurants on their rooftops. The town looks pretty from far away. Enjoy the line of lights on the roads below you and the stars over you. The cool breeze throughout the night will even make the experience more pleasurable.
  4. Visiting Monas
    Monas is a popular place to visit as it is among the very well-known landmarks in Indonesia. You don’t even have to go during the day. Wait around for the night to fall to come to Monas. In addition to avoiding the blistering heat throughout the day, the place offers quite a sight when nighttime comes around. The fountain near the monument lights up and there can even be some light shows for you to enjoy. The monument is lit too. Read more about Indonesian Landmarks.
  5. Skateboarding
    Skateboarding became quite a popular activity among the youths in Jakarta. Yet this doesn’t imply that only young people are allowed to skateboard. People from all ages are welcomed. If you know how to skateboard then come to one of Jakarta’s skateboarding parks. You might still come if you can’t skateboard. You are able to learn or just watch people try out all kinds of cool tips on their boards.

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